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We create an environment that enables youth to succeed in the emerging world.

Young Growth Academy was founded on three generations of teachers. Our experience and passion for teaching have refined the art and secret of empowering our next generation. While the education system struggles to adapt with a rapidly changing world, we strive to bridge this gap through the four pillars of the Young Growth Academy Teaching Framework.

Our teachers each come with years of experience and a range of professional backgrounds ranging from medicine, law, finance, engineering, IT, fashion, construction and of course, teaching- just to name a few. Our teachers excite and inspire students to enjoy learning and confidently apply academic concepts beyond the books.

Our resources have been curated to support students through the most recent NESA syllabus updates. Each week’s material has been prepared by senior teachers. Our students get 1 on 1 support for mock exams and quizzes have been prepared by ex-HSC markers to ensure our students have the ultimate edge when it comes to assessments.

Max 8 students per class

5 min walk to Penrith station

24/7 dedicated Tutor support

Our Results Speak for themselves


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achieved a 85+ ATAR


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"The friendly and welcoming environment at YGA has enhanced my learning experience. They have made learning very enjoyable to me. I highly recommend Young Growth Academy to anyone who is not only looking to excel in their studies, but also become part of a community that makes learning a truly positive and fulfilling experience."
Xavier College
David Dawson
"After trying Maths Extension 1, Physics and Chemistry with other tutoring centres, Young Growth Academy is by far my favourite. I love how everyone takes a genuine interest in our learning and goes above and beyond to make sure we understand everything by reading over our long responses or making us do questions on the board."
Caroline Chisholm College
Alison Coutinho
"I have tried other tutoring centres and Young Growth Academy has been the only one that really understands me on a personal level. The tutors went above and beyond and took time off their own schedule outside of class to chat with me when I was worried about my marks and this really helped with my stress."
Penrith Christian College
Dominic Nitsos
"Ever since I joined YGA in year 10, I've learned ahead of school and this really gave me the confidence boost that I needed. All topics are covered in detail and the classes are productive and fun because everyone is supportive and helpful. I recommend this place for anyone is looking for help to to achieve high academic results. This is the best place to try!"
Blacktown Boys High
Manavdeep Singh
"Even though Extension 2 (4U) Math is a very daunting subject, YGA tutors go above and beyond to explain everything, even outside class time! I love how passionate the tutors are with maths and physics, this motivates me to learn more than what my school teaches me. Young Growth Academy makes the learning process more enjoyable!"
Penrith Anglican College
Abbas Zaidi
"Young Growth Academy is filled with excellent tutors who give students the time they need to consolidate their understanding. They’re always there for me when I need help with assessments or school life in general. If you’re looking for a very positive and fulfilling experience I would not hesitate to recommend YGA."
Emmaus Catholic College
Attu Ngor
"The tutors went above and beyond to organise catch up lessons for 6 weeks straight to make sure I had everything I needed for my school assessments. The Young Growth Academy's personalised and small classes are very welcoming and really helped a lot with my confidence level."
Penrith High School
Kieran Ha
"The tutors at YGA makes everyone feel like a family. They’re always very welcoming and make the learning environment very enjoyable to come to every week! They are very responsive outside of class and always happy to help with anything we struggle with. I highly recommend YGA! "
St Marys Senior High School
Iman Dhillon
"I always look forward to coming here after a long day of school. I always feel welcomed and never feel judged for asking any questions or help with my school exam and assessments. Being able to have comfortable friendly chats and still learn with my peers and tutors is a great feeling, so I recommend for everyone to try Young Growth Academy out!"
St Dominic's College
Kai Hansen
My daughter is a great student but she struggled with standard maths during HSC. Alan taught her and the results quickly showed in her marks. We are extremely grateful for his patience and teaching ability. I definitely recommend Young Growth Academy for tutoring. P.S. She got the ATAR she needed to get into law. I'm so proud!
Annie Cooper
I have the peace of mind sending Nikki here. She often doubted herself, even when she had the right answers. This organisation developed in her the confidence to participate in school. We saw from the sideline. Cannot thank the YGA team enough for their phenomenal service. Always going above and beyond being professional and reliable. 11/10!!
Claire Ryan

YGA Success Framework

Our unique learning experience empowers students to thrive beyond the education system.

1. Goals

Achieving Your Aspirations and Potential

Setting Personal Goals
Identifying Knowledge Gaps
Overcoming Hurdles
Building Confidence
Meeting Expectations

2. Environment

Setting the Conditions for Growth

Competitive and Interactive Classrooms
Healthy Habit Formation
Reinforcing Good Study Practice
Motivating Tutors
Accountable Peers

3. Mentorship

Enhancing your Chances for Success

Professional Teachers with Diverse Backgrounds
Respectful and Honest Relationships
Opportunities for Networking
Life-Hack Programs
Assisting Students with Professional Evolution

4. Content

Tailoring Materials to Challenge Students

Verified by Ex-HSC Markers
Customised Theory Booklets and Worksheets
Syllabus-Inspired Mock Examinations
School Assessment Support
Comprehensive Question Bank

No student left behind.
Your dedicated tutor is just a call away.

Creating a memorable high school tutoring experience together.