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We create a new academic standard in student engagement by delivering the most  interactive learning experience.

Founded on three generations of teachers, our experience and passion for teaching has refined the art and secret of empowering the next generation.
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Expert tutors

Our tutors are all experts in their field with 46 years of combined teaching experience, we are all high ATAR achievers and are here to help you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Content

With our comprehensive resources curated by ex-HSC markers, we tailor our content to meet your needs.

24/7 support

You will have a dedicated mentor personally invested in your academic development who will provide you with 24/7 support and assessment help.

Our results speak for themselves


of our students
achieved a 85+ ATAR


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state ranking


was the highest ATAR
achieved by our students

The tutors went above and beyond to organise catch up lessons for 6 weeks straight to make sure I had everything I needed for my school assessments. The Young Growth Academy's personalised and small classes are very welcoming and really helped a lot with my confidence level.
Penrith High School
Kieran Ha
The tutors at YGA makes everyone feel like a family. They’re always very welcoming and make the learning environment very enjoyable to come to every week! They are very responsive outside of class and always happy to help with anything we struggle with. I highly recommend YGA!
St Mary's Senior High School
Iman Dhillon
My daughter is a great student but she struggled with standard maths during HSC. Alan taught her and the results quickly showed in her marks. We are extremely grateful for his patience and teaching ability. I definitely recommend Young Growth Academy for tutoring. P.S. She got the ATAR she needed to get into law. I'm so proud!
Annie Cooper
I have the peace of mind sending Nikki here. She often doubted herself, even when she had the right answers. This organisation developed in her the confidence to participate in school. We saw from the sideline. Cannot thank the YGA team enough for their phenomenal service. Always going above and beyond being professional and reliable. 11/10!!
Claire Ryan
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YGA Success Framework

Our unique learning experience empowers students to thrive beyond the education system.

Achieving Your Aspirations and Potential
Setting Personal Goals
Identifying Knowledge Gaps
Overcoming Hurdles
Building Confidence
Meeting Expectations
Setting the Conditions for Growth
Competitive and Interactive Classrooms
Healthy Habit Formation
Reinforcing Good Study Practice
Motivating Tutors
Accountable Peers
Enhancing your Chances for Success
Professional Teachers with Diverse Backgrounds
Respectful and Honest Relationships
Opportunities for Networking
Life-Hack Programs
Assisting Students with Professional Evolution
Tailoring Materials to Challenge Students
Verified by Ex-HSC Markers
Customised Theory Booklets and Worksheets
Syllabus-Inspired Mock Examinations
School Assessment Support
Comprehensive Question Bank

Your dedicated tutor is just a call away.

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