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Course Goals

Improve Academic Performance

At YGA, our accelerated Year 10 Math course provides students who are pursuing Extension 1 and Extension 2 mathematics in their HSC with an engaging and challenging environment. By staying ahead of the school curriculum, they will be able to succeed in their school exams and get into their desired course in senior school.

Build Confidence and Resilience

As Advanced Math students are already performing better than their peers, it is important to maintain that competitive advantage leading into senior school. This competitive advantage can be maintained at YGA, as our tutors provide students with a range of materials specifically designed to challenge them.

Appreciate the Applications of Math

Mathematics is one of the most important academic disciplines in high school and in university. By understanding the significance of mathematical concepts and thinking, our students will be able to recognise the practical applications of mathematics in other subjects such as physics and engineering in senior school.

Course Timeline

1 Feb 20 - 10 Apr 20

Term 1

  • Measurement
  • Probability
  • Single variable & bi-variate statistics

26 Apr 20 - 4 Jul 20

Term 2

  • Indices & Surds
  • Expressions, equations & linear relationships
  • Quadratics expressions & quadratic equations

18 Jul 20 - 25 Sep 20

Term 3

  • Non-linear relationships, functions & their graphs
  • Logarithms & Polynomials
  • Trigonometry

10 Oct 20 - 18 Dec 20

Term 4

  • Geometrical Figures & circle geometry
  • Year 11: Functions

Your Tutor

Alan Tran
Academy Dean

Alan is the third-generation from a family of teachers, and has taught HSC Math over the past 9 years. Apart from graduating with and ATAR of 98.55, he also completed his B. Commerce at the University of Sydney in 2015. He has years of professional experience in finance, marketing and currently works with with tax-related software developers in the security space. Alan's passion in to empower our youth with the confidence and ability to take on the emerging world is the reason Young Growth Academy was founded. Alan enjoys playing soccer and swimming.

James Yoo
Head of Junior Development

A calm thinker with an ATAR of 97.2, James has imparted his stress free and positive attitude to all our students as a reliable teacher and mentor for the past 9 years! His strengths are communication and interpersonal skills from working as a service specialist at Optus and studying philosophy at the University of Sydney. James has a goal to impart all this knowledge to everyone and encourage them to think beyond what high school and life has to offer, challenging them to achieve their potential in and outside the classroom.

Course Perks

Get Inspired By Extraordinary Mentors

Each teacher applies school concepts to real life situations beyond the books. Apart from years of teaching experience, our teachers include doctors, lawyers, engineers, IT, psychologists and finance just to name a few.

Get Comprehensive Resources

Regular quizzes and exams prepared by ex-HSC markers to ensure our students stay on top of their game. Over 25 years of HSC trial papers and a uni-level question bank are curated to develop the most exclusive and comprehensive HSC resource.

Get 1-on-1 Assessment Preparation Support

Our experienced tutors work with you from the moment you get your assessment notification to when you submit it. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Math exams, essays and depth studies are a few examples of what we help you with.

Optimised Classrooms For Growth

The YGA framework sets up a collaborative learning environment encouraging participation from each student. There is a maximum of 8 students per class and each student has exclusive access to our 24-7 instant support.

Track Your Performance Improvements

Weekly revision and periodic exams help our students conquer their learning outcomes. Parents and students can book in complimentary evaluation chats to ensure that tutors and parents are working together to help students achieve their best.

New Syllabus Learning Content

Courses are developed by senior teaching staff and are updated to the  NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus changes across all  subjects. Tutoring with structured English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology  content.



Of our students
achieved a 85+ ATAR


of our students
achieved state ranking


was the highest ATAR by our student


I have tried other tutoring centers and YGA has been the only one that really understands me on a personal level. The tutors went above and beyond and took time off their own schedule outside of class to chat with me when I was worried about my marks and this really helped with my stress.
Dominic Nitsos
Penrith Christian College
I always look forward to coming here after a long day of school. I always feel welcomed and never feel judged for asking any questions or help with my assignments or assessments. Being able to have comfortable friendly chats and still learn with my peers and tutors is a great feeling so i recommend for everyone to try them out!
Dylan D'Costa
Emmaus Catholic College
The communal environment has enhanced the way in which learning takes place and made it more enjoyable to learn from there. I highly recommend this place for everyone who’s not only looking to excel in their studies, but also be part of a community that makes learning a truly positive and fulfilling experience.
David Dawson
Xavier College


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