Young Growth Academy
Terms & Conditions

Young Growth Academy (YGA) is a high school education service provider that provides its services on online platforms and offline (Services). These terms and conditions (T&Cs) are accepted by the parents/guardians and students when the student enrols into YGA and use YGA’s services. These T&Cs supersede any prior agreements entered into with YGA. If you do not agree to these T&Cs, you must immediately discontinue the use of YGA’s Services and inform your YGA contact. YGA reserves the right to change the T&Cs from time to time without notice. It is your responsibility to check these T&Cs periodically for changes.

Upon enrolment, you (as a parent/legal guardian or student) understand, acknowledge and agree to the following YGA T&Cs:

A - Students

  1. In order to use YGA’s Services, the student must:
  • be a student from primary school or secondary school that is recognised by NSW Standards Authority;
  • complete the YGA registration process for a trial class and enrolment;
  • agree to the YGA's Term and Conditions (T&Cs);
  • understand that he/she is entering into a contract under these T&Cs; and
  • be at least 18 years old; or
  • if you am under 18 years of age, you have permission from your parent (or legal guardian) to use his/her bank accounts to pay for the services, and, your parent (or legal guardian) agrees on your behalf to accept the full responsibility of theT&Cs.

B - Fees & Classes

  1. Once I enrol into YGA, I am committed to one full term for every course I/my child is enrolled in, and the respective fee for the enrolled course(s) are payable within 7 days of the date of invoice.
  2. I understand and agree that any enrolment fee paid is non-refundable.
  3. Unless I notify YGA by the end of the current term to terminate the enrolment for the next term, YGA will automatically enrol the student for the next term. Where the student is automatically enrolled in the next term, the respective fees for the enrolled course(s) are payable within 7 days of the date of invoice.
  4. All late payments (including payment plans) will incur a $40 late payment administration fee for each invoice.
  5. YGA has the discretion to suspend or terminate the enrolment of a student whose fees are in arrears.
  6. If a payment or invoice has been incorrectly initiated or if there is a discrepancy in the payment amount, I must contact YGA immediately to notify the problem.
  7. If a class needs to be rearranged or postponed due to an event, the postponed class will be rescheduled by YGA to a later date or a substitute teacher may teach the class. No credit or refund in full or in part will be granted for postponed classes or change of teacher.
  8. YGA is not liable to any travel, accommodation or any other expenses incurred to attend any regular or postponed classes.
  9. YGA reserves its rights and maintains its discretion to refuse alternative payment arrangements or to devise alternative payment arrangements.
  10. Any transfer request from an enrolled YGA course to a different YGA course will be at the discretion of YGA and subject to availability.
  11. YGA reserves its rights to refuse or revoke an enrolment of any student to any of its courses at any time and for any reason.
  12. If YGA resources are lost or missing, replacement request(s) for resources are at the discretion of YGA, a fee may apply if any replacement is provided.

C - Class Absences

  1. I am responsible for the attendance of the weekly class(es) at the time and day specified by YGA for my enrolled course(s).
  2. YGA will not provide any credit or refund in full or in part to a student who is absent to his/her enrolled class(es) for any reason including but not limited to medical reasons, travel, holiday, leave, suspension or termination of enrolment.
  3. If any student absences are known ahead of time, the student or parent must provide at least 1 week notice to YGA.
  4. Whilst YGA will provide the learning material for student's missed class, the responsibility of communicating and scheduling a replacement class with their YGA Tutor for the absent student lies with the student.
  5. YGA is not obliged to schedule a replacement class for an absent student.
  6. In the case that a replacement class cannot be arranged between the student and YGA, the payment for that class will be forfeited.

D - Trial Classes

  1. At the discretion of YGA, new students or YGA students may be eligible to a trial class arrangement (such as a risk-free trial).
  2. If the student does not wish to continue with a course enrolment in YGA following the trial, the student must immediately return any YGA resources as requested.
  3. Trial class arrangements are only eligible to new students or YGA students who have not enrolled in the prospective course at YGA.

E - Intellectual Property

  1. All YGA materials, resources, information and branding are subject to copyright laws under the Australian law.
  2. I will not reproduce, copy modify, republish, reverse engineer, distribute or disseminate any YGA material or resources except in accordance with the law or YGA’s written consent.

F - Non-Solicitation

  1. Parents and students are not permitted to approach YGA staff to engage in education work outside of YGA.
  2. I warrant that I will not canvass, employ or attempt to employ any YGA Tutor or employee outside of YGA.