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What is a risk-free trial?

A risk-free trial is where you can come to a class to see our interactive teaching, if you decide you don't love it and do not join us- then your first class will be on us!

How will Young Growth Academy help me improve my studies?

We will collaboratively create a realistic improvement plan with you, so that you will have a direction to work towards. We will also keep our high school classes small with a maximum of 8 students, this means that you will always receive the attention you need and ask the questions you want. The exceptional resources at the Young Growth Academy is comprehensive and have been curated by ex-HSC markers. If you want more information on how we do it, call us on (02) 4701 4947 or click here.

How do I pay for my tuition fees?

An invoice will be sent via email to our student's guardian at the beginning of every term, the invoice will contain details on how your tuition payment can be made.

Can I pay lesson by lesson? 

Unfortunately, no, we plan and design our classes for each term in accordance with your needs and the NESA syllabus. Therefore we do not allow for our students to join us on an ad hoc basis and pay lesson to lesson.

What is the '24/7 tutor support' that you offer?

When you join us, you are able to have direct contact with your tutor 24/7 whenever you have any questions and we also provide on-demand exam and assessment guidance.

What do I need to bring to class?

Just a pen, calculator and an exercise book to write in. Most importantly, please bring your excitement to learn! :) 

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