Meet your tutors

Our goal is to develop your skills to become a confident lifelong learner. Our tutors not only teach you what you need to know but also how to think so that you can adapt your solution to different problems. Your tutors will explain complex concepts simply and inspire you to reach your potential.

Alan Tran
Academy Dean
Alan is the third-generation from a family of teachers. With and ATAR of 98.55 and a B. Commerce from USyd, Alan loves teaching and has continued to teach HSC math for over 9 years.
James Yoo
Head of Junior Development
A calm thinker with an ATAR of 97.2 and 9 years of teaching experience, James has imparted his stress-less and positive attitude to all his students. Completing his B. Science and B. Arts at USyd.
Kevinly Santoso
Head of Math & Physics
A passionate teacher with an ATAR of 99.45 and 7 years of teaching experience. Kevinly has a B. Mechatronic Engineering from UNSW and after working at Sydney Water has decided to pursue M. Education.
Vivian Lai
Head of English
Vivian has inspired hundreds of students to express their thoughts and imagination. With an ATAR of 98.7 and 3 years teaching, she is currently completing B. Computer Science and B. Commerce at UNSW.
Lewis Tran
Head of Chemistry & Biology
Lewis has blessed hundreds over his past 7 years of teaching. He graduated with an ATAR of 98.95, B. Medical Science from UNSW and is about to complete his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from USyd.
Ann Tran
Math Tutor
Ann is a successful fashion designer who has enjoyed teaching for the past 7 years. With an ATAR of 97.45, her fresh perspective encourages students minds to "think outside the box".
Angela Tran
Math Tutor
Known for her fun and caring nature, Angela is loved by all her students. Currently completing her B. Construction Project Management at UTS, with an ATAR of 93.55 and has been teaching for 4 years.