3 Steps to Getting the Right Mindset for Academic Success

July 24, 2020

Achieving academic success may seem daunting, but the key to excellence already lies within. In other words, your mind plays an incredibly powerful role in reaching your goals. You may feel like work is too much now, but with the right mental state, you’ll be able to achieve anything. Bear in mind that human beings learn from messages, meaning that how you respond to your circumstances is merely due to learned reactions. 

Scientists postulate that each person chooses one of two mindsets: fixed or growth. Those individuals with fixed mindsets believe that they can no longer improve on their set of skills and talents, believing everything to be at a negative. Those who chose a growth mindset, however, continue to improve due to determination and hard work. 

In the simplest of terms, a growth mindset is what all students should aspire to achieve. The question now stands: how do you make it happen? Here are 3 simple steps to follow: 

Step 1: Remember that you deserve to rest 

Burnout is a real thing, one that affects more than just professionals. It also affects students from all over the world, occurring when you study for so long that you end up exhausted and unmotivated, thereby losing a sense of accomplishment and motivation. Most people believe that the right mindset entails keeping the passion and love for what you do alive, but we beg to differ.

Even the best people in history slowed down at one point, too tired to carry on. This happens even to the most passionate, but fear not—exhaustion does not mean failure. Remembering that you need breaks is paramount to success, so make sure to get long hours of sleep. Admitting that you cannot give 100% after a while is exactly what will help you learn to give 210% later on. 

Step 2: Keep your study spots fresh 

The right mindset can be heavily influenced by the environment you wish to spend in, so where do you usually spread your books out to study? Do you like to stay by a specific corner where the sun and wind are aplenty, or perhaps the quiet confines of your room?. Students thrive better when they situate themselves in comfortable surroundings, but this can get repetitive and cause fatigue. 

You may want to consider switching your study environments up, such as heading to the library and even coffee shops. A biology tutoring centre (and other subjects!) can also help, as this will help connect you with other like-minded students. The main goal is to have a change of scenery—doing so will help freshen your mind, allowing you to adopt the right mindset for success. 

Step 3: Stay kind to yourself 

Failure can be inevitable, especially if you’re dealing with a rather difficult subject. You may have failed that math test, or perhaps flunked that essay you’ve lost sleep over. It’s important never to be too hard on yourself, as mistakes are merely harsh realities of life. While many look to optimism as a coping mechanism, many fail to realize what true optimism means. 

Optimism does not entail being blind to the negative things in life—instead, it focuses on the idea that things can get better if you continue working hard. A standard math tutoring may just be the answer to your math exam troubles and a quick chat with your teacher may help you understand what your essay needs. The right mindset begins with you choosing to be kind to yourself. 

Helping You Towards Success 

Your education is one of the most important things you need to invest in, and the idea of failure may be difficult to cope with. Although your educational journey will only get more challenging from here, adopting the right mindset is key to your academic success. Contrary to popular belief, it entails activities that allow you to focus on your well-being: rest, environment, and self-kindness. Hard work is crucial, but the right mindset is your blueprint to success.

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