3 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

September 22, 2020

School can be an incredibly daunting venture. You’re constantly bombarded with essays due, activity sheets to accomplish, and piles of readings to study. Your social life may perhaps be hanging by a thread as you struggle to keep up with deadlines. Your finals week probably pales every struggle you have with school, as exams are designed to exactly be that way—the final boss to be defeated to enjoy months of vacation. 

Even with study schedules at the ready, several factors need to be considered as you prepare for the onslaught of exams. Studying is one thing, but remembering and recollecting information during the actual test is an entirely different story. You may be equipped with many sweets for stress eating now, but it takes more than just a handful of nuts and bars of chocolate to help you improve your memory.

With that said, here are three curated study hacks for you, designed to help you improve your memory and learn faster than ever before:

1 - Get moving—your brain will need the exercise 

While the idea of finding time to exercise and study may seem impossible, doing so will help you reach success better. Exercise is directly linked to the brain, thereby helping you improve your memory. Any activity you participate in increases the flow of oxygen into your bloodstream, maintaining oxygen flow through your mind better. It then carries over nutrients that keep your brain at a maximum functioning level, ensuring that every little detail you learned during your physics tutoring stays with you. 

The exercise you need doesn’t have to be elaborate, either. There’s no need for fancy gyms and athletic facilities—brisk walking can help, as with opting to walk rather than ride the bus. Walking up and down the stairs is also ideal—so long as your body’s flowing, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits!

2 - Facilitate self-quizzes 

While reciting your notes can be incredibly helpful, take your efforts up a notch by arranging quizzes. It’s a tried and tested method that helps plenty with memorisation, helping you identify the areas you need to improve on. It also decreases the amount of time you use pondering on your notes, helping you study more smartly and efficiently—and for students running out of time, this is a good practice! 

Make use of flashcards to keep things interesting, as with self-made test papers. Not only will answering help you retain information, but the process of actually making quizzes helps keep everything fresh in your mind. 

3 - Pen up and begin writing 

Most of your schoolwork is rendered through the use of mobile devices. While this is incredibly useful, access to technology can only do so much. To ensure that you exercise your memory, grab a pen and paper and write information down.

The process will help you retain data faster, as opposed to just typing things down on your computer. If you’re working with digital notes, there’s no need to fret! Simply write them down once more, and you’ll find that you’re able to internalise the information even better than before. 

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The prospect of studying for your exams, or lessons in general, can be overwhelming. With so much to accomplish on the side, finding time to retain information may seem almost impossible. Through these study hacks, however, those dreadful study sessions are now over. Improve your memory and learn faster by exercising, self-quizzing, and writing! Best of luck to you!

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