4 Academic Resolutions for 2021 - What Parents Need to Know

2020 is coming to an end, meaning your children are going to embark on new academic challenges. As their parents, you need to play an active role in their personal development. However, you may not know where exactly to start and what needs to be accomplished before they start going back to school. But don’t worry, we have just the information you need! 

This article will talk about the four academic resolutions you and your children can work on for the upcoming new semester and beyond! Take this as an opportunity to provide the absolute best as parents by stimulating your children’s academic performance and independence! 

1. Talk to your children daily about life lessons and your passions 

There’s a famous saying that “education starts at home”, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should grade your kids when they turn in their homework. The point is to encourage your children to learn from the things around them, including what you have to say as parents. 

One way to start is by discussing why you, as a working professional, chose the career you have. You can also talk about university, your childhood dreams, and the like. These simple yet profoundly perceptive discussions can influence your children to think about their interests and career paths. Remember—your goals are to get them motivated to study and spend time with your dear children!  

2. Teach your children to be independent with their schoolwork 

Your primary role as a parent is to teach your kids to be independent with their schoolwork, mostly when they work on it from home. Don’t succumb to the temptation of correcting their mistakes, and allow them to learn on their own. Step in only when you can see your kids struggling. That way, you can build each of your child’s confidence and academic capabilities as independent, resilient achievers! 

3. Enrich your children’s capacity for self-study by providing them with books and other learning aids 

Your kids may be enrolled in a school with many textbooks and learning materials. However, they may not appreciate the content as much. There are multiple reasons as to why this is so: the way the subjects are taught, the teaching style is not right for your child, outdated textbook information, and a lack of academic support.

That’s where you, as their parent, can step in with your own stock of books and resources! Providing enlightening reading materials that can entice your kids to become research-oriented and eager learners—the true makings of academic achievers!   

4. Enrol your children in primary and high school tutoring

Your children may be getting the education they need but not performing at the level they should be. That’s just the reality of the school system. Teachers typically promise that they will work with each student, but their grades say otherwise. The best solution for these academic challenges is tutoring programs—ways for your children to improve in subjects they underperform in and find other means to excel in their favourite subjects!  

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2021 may be another tough academic year for your children, but don’t fret! You, as parents, have the opportunity to get them ready for school academically. Just adhere to all the previously mentioned tips and stay consistent to build your kids up for their successful futures ahead! 

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