4 Tips to Maximise Open Days at Universities – What to Know

March 10, 2020

Applying for a university can be tricky with so many options available. It requires plenty of thought before you choose the one for you – much like how you construct a pizza topping. For one, you need to look at the different flavours and combinations of things that blend according to your taste.

Fortunately, universities across the world establish a meet-and-greet type of activity called ‘open days.’ Think of it as a free taster that allows you to have an insight into what your school offers, which is a must for any incoming students looking to narrow their choices before the new term starts.

It can make or mar your decision, which is why it’s crucial to attend open days and prepare for it. To that end, the tips below should help you make the most of your experience before you pen down your final choice:

Tip #1: Research on How to Get There First

The first step is simple, but it can set the tone for your day. Researching the best travelling routes to your prospective universities can clue you in on the budget you should prepare for the transportation fees. Checking for the train times also mean you arrive on the dot and have a headstart on available parking options around the area.

Tip #2: Plan Your Day

Universities often set up various activities, talks, Q&A sessions, and tours throughout the open day. It can be overwhelming if you attend without any plans, so creating an itinerary before you go can save you major headaches and time down the line.

It will also streamline your thought process and allow you to maximise the list of activities so you can gain better insight into the university. Not only that but knowing where to go can help you prioritize specific sessions that are relevant to your interests.

Tip #3: Socialize with Students and Professors

Beyond talk sessions and programs, the students and academic staff are the heart and soul of open days. It helps you get to know about the course content and have a glimpse of a student’s life up close, which makes it a golden opportunity to learn more about the modules, course structure, and the best spots to eat or hang out.

Tip #4: Explore the Facilities

Beyond getting to know your courses and the culture, open days also provides an opportunity to explore the university’s facilities up close. This will give you a visual guide on the best cafes, restaurants, gyms, libraries, wi-fi spots, and other areas that are ideal for studying or unwinding during your downtime.

In Conclusion

After visiting and taking down notes on all the potential universities with open days, the final step is to take your time to analyze your experience and compare all the notes you have. This will point you to a decision that suits you the best, which is why preparing for the open day beforehand is crucial to get the most out of the experience.

After all, your university will determine a significant part of your life – so take the time to curate your list of choices and have fun in the process along the way.

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