7 Characteristics and Habits of an Effective Lifelong Learner

August 1, 2020

There’s no deadline for learning. No matter what age you are or stage you are in your life, learning something new is always a great gift you can give yourself. When you’re learning a new skill, you choose to be happy and stay curious about life.

For some, learning could be as easy as a piece of cake. For other students, though, learning topics in school can be a bit difficult, which is why some parents opt to hire a high school tutoring service. However, what’s important when learning are the habits you create during this process because they are key to how effective you learn new things. 

Here’s a list of characteristics and habits of an effective learner:

They read constantly

When you read, you get transported in another time and place for an adventure. Reading helps develop your imagination, strengthen your brain, build your vocabulary, and increase empathy. The most successful people would always mention that reading a book is one of their habits. That’s because it helps them stay curious and interested in how the world works and new life skills one can acquire. 

The world is their oyster

One of the notable characteristics a learner has is that they have a can-do attitude. These types of people know how to evaluate themselves and build confidence and self-assurance for them to learn a new task or skill. They constantly seek out opportunities in which they know they can grow.

They always want to be better

Effective learners always want to be better—it could be being better at a certain skill or just choosing to live better. These people continually put in the effort and time into the craft and lifestyle they want to learn and won’t settle for anything mediocre. When some students struggle and need to seek help when learning, they often hire high school tutoring to help them reach their school goals. 

They unlearn and relearn

An important part of being a learner is that they are self-aware of their strengths and areas in their lives they need to improve on. They are willing to step out of their comfort zone because they understand that whatever the results, win or fail, they’ve learned something new and had made progress.

Their passion is contagious

People who actively want to learn new things always share their goals with other people because they want to inspire them to move forward with them on this journey. Their passion is so contagious that it pushes people to also get out of their comfort zone to try something new.

They welcome change

Welcoming change doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid of it. It’s because they are willing to trust in their plan blindly. When change arrives, challenges come with it, and for an effective learner, this doesn’t stop them from learning and absorbing new things. Change allows a person to build their character, and whether they fail at reaching a goal, they always see this as an obstacle that they can push through instead of a dead end. 

They listen to their bodies

Effective lifelong learners understand that the only way one can truly maximise their minds is if they also take care of their bodies. Staying physically active doesn’t only help your muscles and organs, but it also helps you clear your headspace and keep your mental health in check. When your body is in good condition, you will be able to focus more and work harder to achieve your goals.


If you are a student trying to learn and understand new topics in school, or if you’re an adult who wants to acquire a new life skill, this is your sign to do it and keep going. There is no deadline for a new adventure. An effective lifelong learner always has an open mind and seeks help when necessary. If you’re having difficulty in school, you can ask for assistance and get high school tutoring. If you’re an adult, you can look for a mentor that will help you reach your goals.

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