7 Study Habits to Develop so That You Can Ace the HSC Exams

June 23, 2020

Year 12 students may be feeling a bit stressed these days as the HSC exams are fast approaching. While many students are now studying for the HSC exams, the question is, are they doing it effectively? To ensure an effective study plan for HSC, you need to develop the right habits by:

1. Having a Routine

Setting a routine can help you study better for HSC. Have a set time for studying each day and stick to it. It’s important to start and finish at the same time every day as this will give you more stability.

2. Create a Study Environment

Having a study environment where you can remain focused is essential. Your study area should be free of distractions and must be in a quiet place. It could be as simple as setting up space in your room for this. Make sure the area is well-lit and ventilated so you remain comfortable while you’re studying.

3. Create a Timetable

When studying for the HSC, it’s crucial to be organized because of the number of subjects that you have to study. A timetable is a great way to keep you on track, and you can download timetables online.Plan out the subjects that you will study and allow time for each subject. When you have a timetable, you’ll feel less overwhelmed as you’ll have dedicated blocks for each task.

4. Reward Yourself

An excellent way to motivate yourself to study is to have a reward system in place, even if it’s just for you. Set a goal and when you achieve it, reward yourself. For example, one reward can be to allow yourself to have more time watching Netflix. With a reward system in place, you may feel more motivated to work hard.

5. Test Yourself

Having someone test you is important. So, why don’t you ask your parents or siblings to quiz you on what you have learned? You can also ask your friends to do it with you. Testing yourself will make you feel more confident with your progress.

6. Practice on HSC Past Papers

Practice on HSC past papers to familiarise yourself with the exam structure, the question format, and the topic trends for each subject. When you become familiar with the exam layout, you will be more confident come exam day.

7. Give Yourself a Break

Having breaks in between studying is crucial.Your mind works best when it has regular breaks. So, when your focus begins to wane, that’s when your studying becomes ineffective. When you feel like this,it’s time to take a break. A 5 to 10-minute break in between studying is important to keep your mind refreshed.

When you take a break, make sure that you spend that break doing something that can relax your mind. It could be spending a few minutes on your mobile phone, or watching a YouTube video. Be strict about your break times as well. Set a specific time for your breaks and make sure to follow it.


Studying for the HSC exams can be overwhelming. You might find yourself nervous and most of the time, out of focus. The trick here is to have good study habits in place. These tips will help you develop better study habits that will help you ace your HSC exams.

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