8 Effective Techniques That Boost Memory While Studying – Our Guide

November 2, 2019

Students always seek ways to retain the lessons they’ve studied for a longer period. What many fail to realize is that having a sharp memory is vital to help remember relevant concepts and ideas for a specific test.

Because of this, you must make the most of your study time to sharpen your memory and avoid cramming your review a day before the exam. Boosting one’s memory entails much practice, and several students cannot remember facts because they don’t allow their minds to work regularly.

As subjects get tougher, students find out that they cannot comprehend certain information and learn to use their memory more effectively. Instead of memorizing the lessons faster, regular study sessions help you to review such material and develop an accurate memory. Aside from the constant reviews, here are tips that can improve your recall for the next examination.

1. Organize your space

The ability to focus helps improve your memory. Keep in mind that distractions of any form will undoubtedly disturb your concentration. Make sure that your space is free from clutter and has all the items you need before studying.

2. Picture the scenario

Using the Method of Loci, visualize a house and its associating rooms to retain information. If you have new details to remember, they will go to a new room while you can associate finding a chemical formula for opening a drawer. Meanwhile, opening a closet is for finding the names of the bones. It’s like compartmentalizing details and pulling them when you need them.

3. Use acronyms and mnemonics

Develop patterns or words based on the details you must remember. Assign each letter of the word or a phrase to the essential information for easier recall. This approach works well for step-by-step details and lists.

4. Image-name associations

Associating distinct characteristics is an effective approach to recalling names. Remembering a facial feature will help you state their name faster. For example, Martin Van Buren has his patented Mutton Chops while Mikhail Gorbachev has an unusual birthmark on his forehead.

5. Chaining Technique

Create a story revolving certain information for easier recall. You can tell the planets of the solar system in order by telling a tale about going on a picnic. It can be a funny story that makes it easier to remember at the same time.

6. Learn by moving

Hand gestures and movements can help associate information due to muscle memory. Use your imagination to move if you have limited space. The more gestures you make, the more you will remember the details.

7. Move around

Various places can help trigger your memory, as well. Visit a new location if you are having difficulties remembering specific details and associating the area to what you are thinking about helps you retain the information.

8. Review the lessons

If none of the tips above works for you, continued reading of the materials creates a mental note that you can pull out during the examination.

Combining these memory techniques with solid study habits will help retain the information needed for the examination. Managing your time ensures that you have a devoted time to review, and organizing your notes will not mix up the details in your brain. These factors make you develop a deeper understanding of the subject, which makes you relaxed as you answer the examination.

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