Aiming for a Scholarship? Here’s How to Ace Your Application

August 16, 2021

Getting a scholarship for university can be quite rewarding as you embark on a new chapter of your life. However, before you finally get onto campus, the process can be pretty demanding. Most applications to tertiary institutions will have plenty of requirements for high schoolers to complete.

Academic excellence and performance is something that has to be quite strong. If you’re hoping to study a certain field in the future, the best thing you can do is to invest in your current studies. Getting an experienced tutor to help you improve your learning and grades can make a big difference.

Once you have that area all secured, here are some other steps on how you can ace your scholarship application:

Explore Multiple Scholarships

Students don’t have to limit themselves to just one scholarship. Discuss with your family and peers what opportunities you’re interested in and where you’d like to apply. Just remember to personalise your application for each scholarship rather than just sending the same letter to multiple offices. Check out the donor and what kind of student they’re looking for exactly.

Having that approach will increase your chances of being accepted into an optimal scholarship program. Plus, Australia does allow enrollees to hold more than one scholarship at once depending on the terms. It’s worth the try!

Research the Deadlines

Scholarship application deadlines can cut it close for many schoolers. Have a clear date and time of when those deadlines are to help you prepare in advance. It’d also allow you to send in your documents and letter with time to spare. You can usually get that information online or by contacting the scholarship office you’re eyeing.

Highlight Your Strengths

As mentioned before, academic performance is something that’s advantageous to your application. Try to showcase your other strengths alongside your grades though. For example, if you’re hoping to get a degree involving social work, mention any leadership positions and volunteering work that you’ve done in the past that can prove your vigour.

Focus on Your Writing

Mistakes in your scholarship application can often be scrutinised as people will base their first impression of you on your writing. Practice having good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Polished writing can send a good message as they indicate your English fluency and communication skills. 

Tell Your Story

It’s good to be professional when sending in your application, but having it formatted with just those formal words alone can make it bland. It’ll be hard for those handling your papers to discern who you are from the rest of the other scholarship applicants. Try to be a little more personable by sharing something relevant that’s happened in your life to define you.

Show Why You’re Deserving

Your application is one of the thousands, with everyone vying to get a scholarship grant. Make yours stand out and let your application speak in your stead about why you’re deserving to get into the program. Forming your application with the intention of being unique compared to others is the best way to approach this.


Be intentional when forming your application for a scholarship. Having that mindset can help bring you one step closer to bagging a scholarship grant and moving up to tertiary education with little to no difficulty.

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