Here is the Biggest Myth About Tutoring

January 24, 2023

Myth: tutoring is only for students who are struggling. 

In reality, tutoring can benefit any student who wants to improve their understanding and skills in a particular subject. No matter where you are along your academic journey, these are some major benefits of getting a tutor.

Gain a thorough understanding of topics 

Have you ever received the annoyingly vague feedback “expand” or “elaborate” with no further explanation? Or maybe you’ve had a question you didn’t feel comfortable asking in front of your whole class? Unfortunately, these issues are almost inevitable in high school, but tutoring allows you to go into depth on the details and nuances of a topic, without feeling the large classroom pressure. 

A great tutor can break down complex concepts and ideas, and provide explanations and examples which are easier to understand. They’ll help you get to a deeper understanding of the content so that you can write detailed responses and answer advanced questions! Tutoring furthers this through revision and quizzes to consolidate and expand on what you learn at school.

Put aside meaningful study time each week

A major benefit to tutoring, which is often overlooked, is that it gives you effective and productive study time each week. This dedicated time allows you to work closely with your tutor to understand the material, ask questions, and work through problems.

Tutoring reinforces positive study habits because of the uninterrupted work time, through which you feel supported and motivated to learn.

Take me for example, I was getting 60s in Math and 90s in English and yet I got tutoring for both subjects at Young Growth Academy. Why? Well Math for pretty obvious reasons, but picking up English tutoring encouraged me to put aside time each week just for English, and helped turn those 90s into 99s. I was able to ask specific questions any time, receive personalised feedback and practise my exam techniques, in a safe environment. 

Create a personal connection between you and your tutor

Unlike traditional classroom settings, tutoring sessions allow for closer interactions between you and your tutor. This connection allows the tutor to understand your specific needs and goals, and to tailor their teaching methods and strategies accordingly. I’m sure you’ve seen the huge difference that individualised feedback and guidance makes, as opposed to generic, vague comments. 

Additionally, a personal connection with your tutor makes the learning experience so much more enjoyable and less intimidating. You'll have better engagement and motivation!


Tutoring isn’t built on the assumption that you are struggling, rather that you want to improve. First or last in the course, every student has areas which need improvement, whether it be the consolidation, application or work ethic. Tutors are there to help and support you, finding your weaknesses and honing your strengths, whatever they may be. 

If you would like to bring out your potential, get in touch with us! At Young Growth Academy, we know how important it is to feel supported, engaged and inspired. Book your risk-free trial here.