How to Bounce Back From a Bad Grade

October 9, 2019

When your child goes through formal education, there may be times when they come home with a bad grade. As a parent, the responsibility of guiding them through it to bounce back falls on you. But what exactly should you do to help your child successfully through this difficult time? 

This article will provide a few practical tips that you can consider to help your child bounce back from their poor grades. First, we will go over what you can do to assess your child’s competence in the classroom. Then, we will look deeper into how you can better direct them towards making a successful comeback. 

1. Talk to your child’s instructor 

Your child’s teacher will have a better understanding of their academic performance and how they are during classroom hours. This is why your first step in helping your child bounce back from a bad grade is to talk to their teacher. Remember that your goal here is not to beg for reconsideration on your child’s behalf so they can merely pass. You want your child to grow from their failure and become stronger through your guidance. 

When you visit your child’s teacher, bring your child’s completed exams and quizzes and revisit them together. Understand why your child cannot grasp the concepts and thus getting low or failing marks. Discuss the possibility with their teacher that maybe your child is distracted by other things during class. They may also be overwhelmed by the number of assignments they are given. This will help you understand what it takes for your child to bounce back from their bad grade. 

2. Revisit your child’s study habits 

Your child’s study habits for school is crucial to their success in the classroom, and you must take the time to look into them. Doing so will allow you to gauge whether your child can study topics independently on their own. Maybe they just need a bit of guidance and discipline to understand and master the subject’s curriculum. 

One of the best ways to determine your child’s study habits is to visit their home study desk. Determine whether they are using it after school since this will reveal whether your child really takes the time to learn about their lessons at home. You might find that they are distracted, affecting their performance in school. 

Take time off work to sit down and study with your child, and take note of important exam dates. Guide them through their lessons and make sure they understand all the key concepts. Once finished, have them take a break and reward them with fun and prizes. This will encourage your child to do the best they can in school and excel better in class. 

3. Consult with professional tutoring services 

There will be times when you struggle with guiding your child in the right direction to fix their bad grades. Most of the time, the problem may be more difficult and advanced subjects, which means you need to sacrifice more of your time. However, you might have a lot of other obligations, and your child also has to learn on their own independently. 

In such cases, enrol your child in professional tutoring services, as these are the most equipped to guide them. Tutors know how to effectively teach your child about concepts that they have difficulty learning in school. Tutoring services also know how not to spoon-feed or overly guide your child, which effectively equips them to excel not just where they had a bad grade but also in different areas of their education. 


There are ways for you, as a parent, to help your child bounce back from a bad grade, and fortunately, this doesn’t define the end of their later success in life. Consider the previously mentioned tips and be a part of your child’s successful comeback today! 

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