How to Overcome Math Anxiety - Strategies That Work

March 21, 2023

Many students can agree that one of the most complex subjects they’ve ever come across in school is Math. While there are others who excel and do outstandingly well, the rest seem to lag behind and have a difficult time catching up.

Plus, it's easy to become discouraged when we aren't getting the marks we want, and we end up telling ourselves things like "I'm just not a math person" and "I'll never get better at it." I used to worry so much that I couldn't perform at my best in math exams.

However, struggling in math doesn't have to last forever. Keep reading to find out how I managed to overcome my math anxiety! 

Math Takes Practice

I was a student at Young Growth Academy myself and my tutor, Alan, made sure to tackle everyone's knowledge gaps. After we strengthened our foundations through classes and homework, he gave us practice exams (which I complained about at the time) but it got us used to different questions, how they were marked, and time pressure.

Back then, math was like an acquaintance to me, but the more time I invested in the relationship, the more I understood math, and the less I hated it! Studying only for exams is the equivalent of only visiting a friend on their birthday - you’re definitely not going to be that close with them.

People who are fantastic at math all started from the bottom, meaning they had to work hard and practice every day until they got the hang of dealing with numbers and formulas. No one is truly born gifted at math. Instead, it all comes down to your commitment to improving.

Math Needs Understanding, Not Memorization

Instead of reading an equation over and over again and trying to memorise all the formulas and concepts, I found it more helpful to understand how it works and why we use it.

Of course, it's often daunting to learn something new, but the good news is that you don’t have to force yourself to try and learn math alone. Instead, you could reach out to your math teacher or tutor to help you grasp concepts and help you feel confident!

It’s never a bad thing to ask for help, especially from someone who's gone through it themselves and can understand how you feel.

Math Becomes Fun with a Tutor’s Guidance

Let's be honest, most people don't associate math with 'fun' and I always thought it was dry too. That's why Young Growth Academy stood out to me when I was a student! The tutors here are super engaging, relatable and incredibly sweet.

I never thought I could enjoy math class, but with the right tutor who vibes with you, it is 100% possible to have fun while you learn.


You may not consider yourself a 'math person' right now, but with the right mindset and resources, you can absolutely do well.

If you are looking to build your confidence and achieve your academic goals, Young Growth Academy offers quality HSC tutoring for Math, as well as English and Science. We are always happy to help, so please don't hesitate to contact us any time!