How to Overcome Math Anxiety - Strategies That Work

October 25, 2021

Many students worldwide can agree that one of the most complex subjects they’ve ever come across in school is Math. While there are others who excel and do outstandingly well with numbers, the rest seem to lag behind and have a difficult time catching up.

Unfortunately, experiencing math anxiety is real and quite common among a lot of students, which leads a majority of them to flunk during their exams. When you feel anxious about doing bad in math, you worry so much about your performance that it leads you to do worse.

However, struggling in math does not last forever. If you wish to get better, you could seek support through HSC tutoring in Penrith. Keep reading below to find out how to manage your growing math anxiety to help you learn how to love such a tough yet valuable subject.

Math Takes Practice Not a Gifted Mind

If your mindset from the beginning involves not being good at math, it can affect your perspective on the subject and cause you to think you will never get better at it. Your math anxiety remains unless you look at your situation in a different light and consider that no one’s good at math until they believe they can do it, including you.

People who are fantastic at math all started from the bottom, meaning they had to work hard and practice every day until they got the hang of dealing with numbers and formulas. No one is truly born gifted at math. Instead, it all comes down to being passionate about the subject.

Math Should Be Applied Constantly

Every time you ask your fellow students what their favourite subject is, there’s a good chance that most of them will pick Math last and prefer choosing English or Science first. That may be because Math isn’t as interesting, engaging, or fun to learn, unlike the other subjects.

However, you must keep in mind that you encounter math in your daily life more often than you think. You use numbers and find yourself calculating and estimating them all the time—when you deal with money, time, scores, and a lot more instances.

Math Needs Understanding, Not Memorization

Students face math anxiety the moment they try to study the subject by memorising formulas and concepts rather than taking time to understand them by heart. Instead of reading an equation over and over again, it will be more helpful to truly get how it works.

You don’t have to force yourself to try and learn math alone. Instead, you could get standard math tutoring in Penrith to help you have an easier time grasping concepts better. That way, a professional will offer their guidance and tips on appreciating your Math subject from a unique perspective. 

Math Becomes Fun with a Tutor’s Guidance

Students tend to develop math anxiety less because they can’t answer their exams correctly and more because every time they’re tasked to recite in class, they give the wrong answer. They become embarrassed in front of their friends and end up hating the subject even more.

But it’s never a bad thing to ask for help, especially from someone who knows how to do math like the back of their hand. Getting math tutoring could solve your problem and help you practice and understand math and encourage you to feel a new level of appreciation for it. 


Everyone who has ever had to deal with math and has a challenging time working with numbers may have experienced math anxiety at least once in their lives. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to last forever the same way you shouldn’t hate Math all your life. After all, it requires practice, not a gifted mind. When you apply math constantly, understand rather than memorise the concepts and formulas, and seek a math tutor’s help, you become one step closer to enjoying the subject. 

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