How to Stay on Top of Deadlines

August 30, 2021

Students often dread deadlines, and while we do agree that deadlines can be rather difficult to work around, we also believe that there are ways to make life infinitely easier. What’s great is that these changes won’t even require you to make any drastic adjustments to your routine. 

Indeed, making small meaningful changes goes a long way when it comes to managing deadlines better. To help you out, we’ve prepared a couple of tips that you can start making use of to help you stay on top of deadlines:

1. Plan Everything Out

If you tend to cram everything at the very last minute whenever you have deadlines, try giving yourself a head start. One thing that will help you stay on top of deadlines is to set a schedule and stick to it. You can start by marking the deadlines on your calendar and making a plan on how to go about tackling the tasks. 

It would also be important to establish a to-do list at the start of each day so that you can map out all the things you have to accomplish. Planning things out like this gives you a concrete plan of action on how to tackle various tasks and stick to a deadline.

2. Split Things Up into Smaller Tasks

Speaking of planning things out, another thing you can do is break down big tasks into smaller ones. Now, what many people often fail to understand about this is that it also means taking small breaks in between. In fact, these breaks will help you recover and prepare for the remaining tasks that you still have to do.

One good way to approach this is through the use of the Pomodoro Method. To sum it up, the Pomodoro Method means working in 25-minute bursts, with short breaks in between. Now, it’s up to you to determine the length of the breaks, but we highly recommend sticking to around 10-15 minutes as breaks longer than that will tend to eat up too much of your time and it may feel difficult to return to your work!

3. Ask for Help

Remember that it’s perfectly fine to ask for help. Sometimes, working smart is just as important as working hard. Now, help can come in different forms. 

One way you can stay on top of deadlines is by making use of high school tutoring. Our tutors have over 50 years of combined teaching experience, which means they can help you understand complicated concepts that you may be struggling with. This will give you more time and help you stay ahead of your deadlines!


While deadlines may be daunting at first, it’s important to remind yourself that it isn’t the end of the world. There are always things you can do to make working under strict deadlines much more manageable. Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared above will prove useful for helping you achieve your goals and making your academic life easier!

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