Myths About Uni You Should Not Fall For - What to Know

August 7, 2020

As an incoming university freshman, the myths and cliches you hear about college can be intimidating! That being said, some misconceptions stray too far from the truth and don’t deserve your attention at all. If you’re prepping to head off to university, here are the top 5 myths you should know about—and ignore! 

Ps Get Degrees!

Sure, you can earn a degree with passing marks but “just a P” is simply an excuse for students to be complacent about sub-par work. At HSC Tutoring, we’re all about encouraging students to earn high distinctions, especially for those gunning towards an honours year or postgraduate degree. Even more so, students on a path towards industry programs, special streams, and exchange courses have a higher chance of earning scholarships with better marks. As it goes, individual marks won’t matter too much after graduation but you’ll always be in a better position at a job interview if you can demonstrate the hard work you promise to put into your career. 

You Can Cram Assignments

While procrastinating an assignment and earning decent marks is certainly possible, it’s hardly ever advisable. Not only do you put yourself at risk of late submission, but also take away precious opportunities to get decent shuteye (a must for any college freshman). 

To complete a standard 3,000-word essay, get started on research at least two to three weeks prior to your due date. Especially during the latter weeks of the semester, work can pile up, so you’ll want to allocate at least a week to write and edit your paper after completing your research. 

Forget Practise, it’s All Theory

Theoretical knowledge is good to have but in the end, practise making perfect still takes the cake. Courses that integrate academia with internships, taking study tours, or attending guest lectures can give you insight into the “real world” and help prepare you for your eventual career. 

First Lectures Don’t Mean a Thing

First classes won’t usually cover any assessable content but skipping them to catch up on sleep or spend a night out with friends is usually a big mistake. Your first lecture will most likely cover important information such as an outline of your assignments, the topics you can expect to be covered, the materials you need, and how you can get in touch with your professor. Plus, it makes for a great opportunity to get to know your classmates. After all, you’ll be spending an entire semester—or year—with them! 


University is an unforgettable experience for any student but taking certain aspects of it for granted can be your downfall! Remember, most uni cliches are called misconceptions for a reason. 

Whether you’re on the lookout for English, science, or 4U math tutoring in Penrith, we at Young Growth Academy take your studies seriously. We work specifically to help you thrive in today’s emerging world and find ways to take advantage of your college opportunities!