Online Learning Burnout Is Real—Here’s How to Cope and Adjust

August 9, 2021

With the pandemic still going on, most schools are still having online classes. This gave birth to a whole new type of fatigue that students of all ages experience – Zoom fatigue. Its signs, for sure, are ones that all parents and teachers recognize. You might know it, too: a face that looks like it’s perpetually crying or a blank facial expression, shoulders that are always slumped, and always in an irritable mood.

If your child is showing signs of having Zoom fatigue, you want to make sure that you provide them with all the help they can get. They’re already having a hard time adjusting to a new set-up. Get them someone reliable for math or physics tutoring. These are especially tough subjects that are greatly contributing to your child’s stress.

Apart from getting them a tutor, here are some ways your child can fight online school burnout:

Hold a Conference with Your Kids

You want to know how your kids are doing with distance learning. Tell them that if they want you to be able to help them, they need to be honest with you about things like what they find most difficult. Basically, you want to determine the pain points and come up with solutions. Think of this new setup as collaborative work between parents and children. It can be a challenge for you all but it’s going to be better than just them handling everything by themselves.

Give Their Learning Space a Makeover

Where do your kids do their school work? If they’re doing their tasks in the dining area where the rest of the family have snacks and from where they can see their siblings or their parents watching TV, it’s not going to help them.

They need a space that’s conducive to learning. You might want to transform that guest bedroom into a “classroom” for your students. Get them their own desks where they can do their schoolwork in peace. If you don’t have an extra room, you can makeover a corner of their bedroom. Get them a corkboard where they could pin all their to-dos, as well as a calendar so they can keep track of their progress and what they still need to accomplish.

Better yet, ask them directly what they want for their learning space. Most likely, a child would be more interested in learning if they find their spot relaxing or cool.

Consider Using the Goals and Rewards Technique

A true tried-and-tested technique, this one might work wonders for your kids. The idea of getting a reward after a set time frame and upon reaching a goal might just be the motivation they need. Set some goals that are realistic, though, otherwise, you could be adding to their stress. For instance, you can tell them that they are getting 4U math tutoring so their grades should be up in a month or two. The rewards you give should also be reasonable.

Tweak Their Routines

If it’s possible, try to adjust their daily routines so that their online learning experience would be better. For example, instead of getting them started on their school work from the moment they wake up, you might want to ask them if they want to go for a walk with you first. Or maybe you can give them more breaks during the day and allow them to do some fun activities that they love, too, so it’s not all just studying for them.


There is no doubt that this is the toughest school year for children. Online classes are not for everyone as there are different types of learners. Doing the same things over and over for months on end can be very exhausting, too, so it’s not surprising that many students are experiencing fatigue.

It is up to you to provide them with solutions and help them navigate this new setup. If they need someone to provide them with match, chemistry, or physics tutoring, then by all means get them someone they can be comfortable with.

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