The Best Strategies to Ace Your HSC Exams

September 2, 2020

Studying, by definition, is the use of the mind to acquire knowledge. To say that the process is exhausting is an understatement. It involves a lot of work, both mentally and physically, and before you know it the struggle to find ways on how to get motivated ensues. The mountain of deadlines and paperwork overwhelms you to the point of no return, and most often than not, poses the dreaded question, “Am I going to graduate?” 

Believe it or not, however, there’s more to studying than just collecting highlighters and reading the same passages over and over. When something as significant as HSC exams is at stake, however, your nerves could perhaps be tinged with dread. High school tutoring can only do so much—it’s time to take matters into your own hands. 

Fret not, we’ve gathered the best strategies to stay motivated during your HSC study sessions, guaranteed to help you ace your exams: 

1 -  Set realistic goals

Your goals are the main reason why you’ve come this far, working and studying hard along the way. While they set your pace and keep you in check, oftentimes they do more harm than good. Setting unrealistic goals on yourself, and in a ridiculously short period of time, will have you wallowing in despair for being unable to meet them. 

The HSC exams may perhaps be your one-way ticket to a better future, but remember that life isn’t a race—let this be your main study motivation. 

2 -  Establish a routine 

Studying entails a form of discipline elusive to most students, but with the HSC exams coming up, it’s time to push aside the welcoming arms of procrastination and embrace discipline. To ensure that you have enough time to prepare for every single aspect of the HSC exam, establish a timetable that works for you and faithfully abides by it. 

It’s best to set an hour or two in the morning for reviews, and a few more hours on the weekends. The key is to study at the same hours on each waking day, allowing both your body and mind to adjust to the change in schedule accordingly.

3 - Study in a productive environment

Your mobile phone is by your side every single day, and a quick scroll on social media in between the lines of your book is always tempting. The quick scroll eventually turns into hours and hours wasted, leaving you with yet another wasted day. Having YouTube on as background noise won’t be helping much, either. To study properly, you need to create a space away from all distractions.

Set your study area away from all the noise. It should be well lit, with refreshments and snacks just within your reach. The idea is to isolate yourself long enough to focus, which will then allow you to clear your mind for new information to sink in. 

4 - Take good care of yourself 

While those dark circles and rather haunted look may be the next new school trend for the coming weeks, wearing them like a badge of honour won’t be holding much merit. While working hard is crucial to ace your HSC exams, the best way to prepare is to simply take care of yourself. 

Remember to hydrate and eat healthy meals. Your mind and body will need the energy to sustain those long nights and weekend work. Make sure to get as much sleep as you can, though, and dedicate at least 10 minutes of your time to light exercises. 

In Need of HSC Tutoring?

Going through the HSC exams is a tumultuous time, and the preparations can even be more chaotic. While a huge bulk of the responsibilities fall upon your shoulders, it’s never a crime to ask for help. Support is readily available for you—all you need is ask. You can approach your friends for group study sessions, your teachers for rather difficult questions, and your parents for some extra love.

If all else fails, Youth Growth Academy is ready to help. If you’re on the hunt for HSC tutoring in Penrith, our specialists will be able to assist you. With our commitment and passion for helping students grow, we’ll help you succeed and reach your full potential. Allow us to help you ace your HSC exams—book an appointment today!