The Difference Between Teachers and Tutors - How Do They Work Together?

September 20, 2021

Many adults play significant roles in your child’s growth and development. One of the most influential figures in their early years is their teachers, tasked with imparting knowledge and guiding them at school. However, since teachers are often overwhelmed with handling up to thirty students, your child may not get all the attention or care they need to succeed in the subject.

For this reason, tutors are also crucial in your child’s education, as they support their learning in a more versatile yet personalised manner. While they also teach your child through high school tutoring, they’re quite different from the teachers at school. Here’s what you need to know about the difference between a teacher and a tutor:

The Role of a Teacher

Both teachers and private tutors encourage and facilitate learning in a child, playing pivotal roles in their development. However, there are some distinct differences in their responsibilities. For instance, a teacher must lead a large class of students and manage them all at once. They are also responsible for using the national curriculum to standardise learning and teaching methods that most efficiently impart information. They oversee behaviour in the classroom and teach at a pace that suits most students.

The Role of a Tutor

On the other hand, a tutor teaches in smaller groups or in a one-to-one setting. They deliver supplementary lessons based on what the student has learned in the classroom, ensuring the student fully understands the concepts. Tutors do this by tailoring each session to their current grasp of the topic, providing learners with personalised teaching techniques and materials.

Most notably, tutors fill in gaps in knowledge, helping the student master the subject. They offer flexible schedules, accommodate the often hectic timeline students work with, and encourage independent thinking and learning, prompting them to be more responsible.

The Main Differences Between a Teacher and a Tutor

A teacher and a tutor’s main differences lie in a few things, such as the number of students taught in one session, with tutors handling one or a handful of students. Tutors are not mandated to have formal teaching qualifications and are focused on pursuing individual goals with the student instead of prioritising the need of an entire class. Tutors are also flexible, customising learning hours and learning materials according to the student’s needs. Additionally, tutors can offer more detailed, instant feedback since the sessions are done in much smaller groups.

How Tutors and Teachers Work Together

Both teachers and tutors are integral to a child’s growth, complementing each other and providing comprehensive education. Since classroom teachers work with many more students and are constricted by time pressure, they cannot pay individual attention to each of their students, even those who are struggling. The great news is that a tutor can step in to help a student keep up with the topic or even speed ahead of the class to maximise their potential. Since tutors have more time and resources, they can accommodate various learning styles and goals, giving the child what they need to succeed in school.

Additionally, tutors are excellent for supporting children with different educational needs. They can adapt the lesson plan or use the right learning style to improve the student’s confidence, focus, and progress. Similarly, tutors can help gifted learners advance even more and fulfil their potential, identifying opportunities for them to advance in their fields and encouraging them to join national competitions.


Teachers fulfil an essential role in teaching your child according to the national curriculum. However, some students fall behind or are far too ahead, interfering with their performance. Fortunately, tutors shine best in this area, offering tailor-made lessons to help students become confident in the topic and boosting their academic performance.

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