The Different Types of Learning Styles

October 8, 2020

Everyone experiences the world in unique perspectives and the differences that set us apart help us learn new things the way we know it best. Some lessons you can’t force on others the way you understand it, which is why the best teachers take the individuality of their students to heart. 

By opening your mind to the fact that no students are the same, you can see that there is a whole spectrum of varying learning styles across the world. There’s no best course to finish a curriculum, so finding the right “language” your students will relate to is the best way to ensure no one is left behind in your class. 

With that in mind, we can help you become an effective tutor by giving a rundown on the different learning styles and how it can help your students truly grasp your lessons: 

1. Visual Learners 

Also known as the “spatial” learning style, students can get a better scope of your lessons when you present it in a visually interesting approach. You can play around with different visual cues like pictures, diagrams, written directions, and more, to ensure your visual learners get a chance to conceptualize in your class.

You can set the visual learners apart as they are typically the students who like to doodle, make lists, or take notes. Stray away from blocks of text and replace words with images to tap into a visual learner’s mind. 

2. Auditory Learners 

As the moniker suggests, this type of learner isn’t afraid to speak up in your class to reinforce new ideas. They can easily pick up the lesson so long as you can verbally explain your lecture, which you can improve on by holding group discussions or debates. 

If you want to take the experience to the next level, auditory learners will appreciate presentations that incorporate background music as it helps them retain information at a better rate. 

3. Kinesthetic Learners

One of the most active types of learners, kinesthetic learning requires you to be more hands-on in your lesson plan as students prefer to take action to truly understand your point of view. They like to recite information and are often active in class, be it in doing arts and crafts or sports. 

You can cater to these types of learners by incorporating games to support your lessons, or ask students to help assist with your demonstrations. 

The Bottom Line: Understanding The Different Learning Styles Can Help You Become A More Effective Teacher 

Studying with a supportive and experienced mentor by your side can do wonders in bumping up your experience. Not only will it help improve your grades, but absorbing your lessons becomes easier by the day. 

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