This is the Secret to Attaining Band 6s in the HSC

March 24, 2021

Why Is the HSC Important?

Shaping your bright future and achieving your goals highly depends on your performance in school. University of Sydney’s Professor Jim Tognolini says that HSC is significantly more valuable now than in the past.

The HSC provides you with an official record of their achievements that show your knowledge, capabilities, and educational performance at the end of your 12 years of schooling. Your results are used to get a rank order of student performance that universities can utilise to select students into academic programs.

Simply put, if you wish to gain access to reputable universities and get into competitive academic programs, prepare yourself in various subjects and do your best to do well in school.

So What Is the Secret to Attaining Band 6s in the HSC?

Many believe that easier courses are more likely to lead to band 6s results. However, Music and Maths Extension students proved otherwise as they achieved more top bands than those in any other two-unit HSC subjects. Only one in 20 Maths Standard students reached 90-plus, also known as a band 6s. According to the results, educators stated that students performed better by choosing subjects they were interested in rather than trying to beat the system. 

Remember, young musicians are passionate about their craft. Instead of gaming the system, students who showcase their passion, effort, and dedication are rewarded. Students in music and top maths courses consistently performed well because they were more likely to have had extra lessons outside school than those in other subjects. They either have the deep desire to do exceptionally well or love those subjects to ensure they meet their academic goals.

What Is Another Effective Way to Boost the Chances of Getting Favorable HSC Results?

Besides pursuing your passion and interests, you can have higher chances of getting your desired HSC results through high school tutoring. When you try our HSC tutoring in Penrith, you get the advantage of receiving an interactive learning experience.

You will be mentored and inspired by extraordinary tutors who have years of teaching experience. They are doctors, lawyers, engineers, and psychologists who apply school concepts to real-life situations to help you better understand lessons. You will also get access to exclusive and comprehensive resources from our carefully curated HSC trial papers and question bank.


Achieving academic excellence and getting band 6s in the HSC requires your patience, commitment, and discipline. While the journey is tough, meeting your goals is attainable, especially when you are passionate about what you do and you are supported by the right people and have access to proper resources. 

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