Why Does Writer’s Block Happen and How Can I Conquer It?

July 4, 2021

Writers will experience writer's block at any point in their career. And for them, it's way too common to spend hours in front of an empty document, typing a few words and erasing them once again. 

Sadly, writer's block or creative block can happen to anyone. It can happen to other creatives, including musicians, poets, and artists. It can even affect bodies, such as entrepreneurs and CEOs. And lastly, they also affect students and how they perform in school. 

For students dealing with writer's block, an effective solution is getting English tutoring services to ease the frustrations of feeling uninspired and overwhelmed. 

But what is writer's block, and what should you do once it strikes? Are they ways to unblock this creative block? Here are some ways to beat the troubles of writer's block and help you step back into the groove.

What is Writer's Block?

According to Webster's dictionary, writer's block is a psychological inhibition that prevents a writer from proceeding with a piece. However, the way it manifests itself is different for each person. 

A common thought is that writer's block happens when you lack inspiration or creative juices, but sadly, it's more than that. Writer's block occurs because writing is a challenging mental process. This activity involves dealing with uncomfortable aspects, such as experimentation, vulnerability, and uncertainty. 

Common Reasons for Writer's Block

  • Fear: Students and creatives struggle with fear every day, and when they put fear on the forefront of their daily activities, it inhibits them from pouring out their ideas into a piece of paper. This could be a fear of getting a low grade, fear of criticism, and rejection. 
  • Perfectionism: Another reason students and creatives get writer's block is that they focus too much on being perfect. Of course, it's great to put your best foot forward at all times, but if your perfectionism is a form of protection, you won't allow ideas and complexities to flow out of your system with ease. 
  • Self-Criticism: Some of us are our own worst critics, and although it can help you develop your art in a way, it can also hold you back from writing as well. It's fairly common for creatives and students to compare themselves to their peers, and in doing so, it affects the way they work.

How to Fight Writer's Block

1. Get Your Body Moving

One of the best ways to beat writer's block is by engaging in physical activity. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, helps the mind focus, and increase productivity and memory. 

2. Leave It and Come Back to It

Instead of sitting for hours trying to finish your essay and forcing ideas and words to come out, take a step back and do other things first. You could do another creative task or cook yourself a hearty meal. After you've reset, you'll be able to write more with ease. 

3. Change Up Your Routine

Changing your routine and finding the best rhythm that will help you with your writing can greatly benefit your writing process. Sure, you can be a night owl and enjoy doing most of your work at night, but what if you have a clearer mind and you're more creative during the day? If that's the case, try writing in the morning and see if it works for you. 

Creative hours can be different from your work hours, so it's best to keep this in mind when you're experiencing writer's block. 

4. Ask For Help and Feedback

Asking for help and feedback can be difficult for some people, but it's ultimately an effective way to solve your writer's block. For example, during English tutoring, you can ask your tutor to read your work and give you feedback. They help you build upon and further develop your ideas, helping you start typing away. 

For the most part, writing is a solo activity, but asking for help and feedback from time to time can help improve your skills and unblock the dreaded writer's block.

Final Thought: It Is Possible to Unblock Writer's Block

Dealing with writer's block is frustrating, especially if you're dealing with a deadline. But now that you know what causes this phenomenon and how you can deal with it, you'll be able to be more gentle with yourself when writer's block strikes. And with that, you'll be able to deal with the situation with ease and get back in the groove in no time.

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