Why Having An Expansive Vocabulary Is Important

November 16, 2020

Don't you hate it when you're trying to find the right word to describe something? It's like having the word stuck on the tip of your tongue, but you can't seem to say it. All of us have somehow found ourselves in this kind of situation in the past. Although words have many synonyms, we are often placed in situations that require a precise term that will capture precisely what we mean.

What many people don't realize is that having an expansive vocabulary extends much farther than just reading and writing. There are many practical applications of a sizable vocabulary. 

The Benefits Of Having a Wide Vocabulary

1 - Faster Comprehension Speed

This will be most notably observed in small children who are first learning how to speak. They will be able to speak at a younger age and understand complex sentences more easily if their parents, guardians, and the other people around them expose them to more words.

However, this benefit is not lost to adults. The larger the word bank, the easier it will be for adults to understand information. This becomes more evident when very complex or technical information is given to a person, as they will not struggle to understand what was said to them. They will also not have to rely on context clues to figure out what is being said.

2 - Increased Ability To "Think Outside The Box"

Having a comprehensive vocabulary will allow a person to think outside the box. Their minds will not be limited by not knowing how to express themselves, so they will be able to use their brainpower to construct better ideas and concepts. It will also help them explain their ideas in detail.

3 - More Chances Of Career Success

One marker for future success is a vast vocabulary. This reasoning comes from the fact that having a broad vocabulary usually comes before success—usually as a predecessor rather than a result.

4 Steps To Improving Your Vocabulary

1 - Read, Read, Read

One surefire way to widen one's vocabulary is to read. There are certain words that one may not encounter in speaking conversation but will read in a book. It is unlikely for you to hear the word "conflagration" when verbally talking to someone, as they will most likely use a word more appropriate for speech, such as "fire."

2 - Talk To A Diverse Set Of People With Different Interests

It pays to talk to people with different interests than you. You will be more likely to pick up new words when you speak to someone about unfamiliar topics. There is a chance that your interest will also be sparked as a result of these conversations. You will be able to widen your knowledge as well as your mental word bank.

3 - Watch Educational Shows

Educational shows will use a lot of technical jargon related to the featured topic. You will be better able to retain these words in your mind and use them in future conversations if you hear how they are used in a technical context.

4 - Use The New Words You Pick Up

It is essential to use the words you learn when you get the opportunity. For words to become a permanent part of your vocabulary, you have to use them whenever you can to imbed them in your long-term memory.


Keep in mind that knowing a lot of words is useless unless you know how to use the words you learn. You shouldn't go memorizing the dictionary and learning hifalutin words just for the sake of it and having an almost impractical stock of words in your head that you don't know how to use in everyday conversation. It is an excellent practice to learn new words that can help you better express yourself; only then will you be able to say that you have a wide vocabulary.

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