Why Small Group Tutoring Is Good for Students – What to Know

August 23, 2019

Students benefit from an extra hour or two of tutoring per day.  It is supplemental to their daily lessons at school, especially when they are having difficulty understanding certain topics in the syllabus.

For busy parents, they opt to send their children for tuition. Oftentimes, parents enrol their children for individual private tutoring to have your tutor’s undivided attention. However, some students thrive more in group learning. Another advantage of group tutoring is that it is more cost-effective, which is beneficial for parents with a limited budget. For that reason, more and more parents are opting for a group tutorial.

Here are some of the benefits of having small group tutoring for your children:

1. Interactivity

In group tutoring, students can participate in discussions. They can express their opinions and ideas, thus helping them learn from different opinions. Students can benefit from the contribution of ideas. To promote interaction, the students should be in the same grade level and are discussing the same topics in class, as this will yield a better outcome and learning.

2. Teamwork

Group tutoring helps individual students develop their interpersonal skills which are valuable skills when they eventually join the workforce. Being a team player is one of the qualities an employer looks for in a new hire.

3. Promotes healthy competition

Competitions can be helpful or harmful to students. Healthy competition helps students develop problem-solving skills. It helps forge lasting friendships, especially when exposed to a group that encourages each other.

4. Group discussion is stimulating

With group tutorials, brainstorming helps during problem-solving activities. It is easier to retain if topics have been discussed in a group. Students can learn from each other’s opinions and ideas discussed in a group.

5. Participation is encouraged

For one on one tutorial, communication is more one-sided. The tutor does most of the talking and explaining. With a group, students are encouraged to participate, share their insights and analysis of the situation.

6. Students can relay data among each other

In a group tutorial, students can learn from each other. When certain topics seem really difficult to understand, students are able to help each other out and relay the information they know.

7. Inspires confidence

For some, being in a large group can be intimidating. The informal atmosphere that small group tutoring offers allows tutors to gather all students into a conversation, giving them the motivation and encouragement to participate.

Find the best group

When enrolling your child in a group tutorial, due diligence is needed. You have to research the members of the group. You should choose a group that will help address the needs of your child. They should also be at the same level or the same syllabus to have a smooth learning experience—no conflict and everyone can participate.

To have an effective group tutorial, the people in the group should be comfortable with each other, preferably friends, to prevent awkward situations. They can communicate better and express their ideas openly if they already know each other. Group tutorials foster learning and camaraderie. It is also important to choose the best tutor for the group. The tutor should be patient since a group will have different members with different personalities and different learning abilities. Therefore, it is also important that the students have to get along with each other.

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