Writing Faster to Finish Exams Faster: Is It Possible?

April 25, 2021

To reach your full potential in your exams, following a solid study routine is not enough. You should also prepare for the exam itself. 

If you are having trouble finishing your exams on time, follow the tips below to get as many marks as possible and reap the benefits of your hard work.

1. Find the right writing pen

Having the right pen might seem unimportant, but it actually benefits you more than you might think. Countless hours of intense writing can hurt your arm, wrist, and hand, which can slow you down. Writing speed is crucial, especially when it comes to timed exams. 

Optimise your speed in any written test by finding a lightweight pen which is comfortable to hold and allows you to write smoothly. Try different brands and pens to see which one works best for you. Since you will be using up lots of pens, look for refillable and affordable ones. One of our favourites is Muji’s refillable gel ink pens!

2. Make a plan

Some exams can be extra challenging to finish on time, particularly those with essay-style questions. It really helps to know what you are going to write in your essay and for how long. 

To get started, create a detailed outline for your response. Take note of how much content you wish to include. Calculate how many minutes you need for each paragraph and practice by timing yourself as you write it out. This will improve your time management in the exam as you will give yourself enough time to finish your entire essay.

3. Take mock exams

To finish your exam faster, have total command of your subject knowledge by studying effectively. You should also master answering different types of questions you will be asked in your exam. 

One of the most effective ways to learn how to finish your exams faster is to practice seriously as if it was the real deal. You can try recreating similar conditions of your exam hall at home or join our timed mock exams! 


Finishing exams within the time limit may seem impossible, especially if you have to complete all lengthy essay-type questions. Follow the tips in this guide and keep writing until you are told to stop. Meanwhile, you can always seek high school tutoring for more advice.

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